Best Moustache

Jason LaRue

Honorable mention in this category goes to erstwhile St. Louis police chief Joe Mokwa for sporting the ultimate cop 'stache. But Cardinals catcher Jason LaRue is in a facial-hair league of his own. As the Cardinals' fortunes rose and fell this season, LaRue's untamed horseshoe shone like a beacon of masculinity above and around his upper lip. He grew that 'stache like he played ball: with abandon. Combined with his business in the front, party in the back hairdo, LaRue and his moustache presented a persona with which every blue-blooded hoosier from Potosi to the Ozarks could identify. It also kind of made him looked like Thurman Munson's redheaded stepchild, the kind of guy who packs a twelve-pack of Natty Light along with his catcher's mitt. In other words, he was the ultimate backup backstop.

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