Best Month to Leave St. Louis


October in St. Louis is a beautiful month. The weather's tolerable; the trees still have enough leaves on them to hide the flapping plastic Schnucks bags; the citizenry is happily captivated by postseason baseball, the start of hockey season or the meat of the football season; and those who aren't interested in sports are doing the winery/park/museum-going they skimped on earlier owing to the summer heat. And none of that has any bearing on you. The only thing on your mind is escape, and with good reason. You've embezzled a lot of money, you're pretty sure that ain't a rash on your spouse's you-know-what, and it looks like Joey Thumbs is pretty serious about that debt. Now, as in "right now," would be a good time to beat a hasty retreat. Fortunately, the beautiful weather has people out of doors, so the neighbors won't notice you packing up the car. Everybody at work is too busy talking about sports, so they're not going to be able to pinpoint when exactly you stopped showing up. So long!
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