Best Month to Leave St. Louis


Want to know a little secret? (Sure you do.) We never leave St. Louis. That's right. Never. Haven't you noticed that this newspaper, like, comes out every single week? Now, ask yourself: How could those folks put out a weekly paper if they weren't here? But if we could pick a time to leave St. Louis -- and don't get us wrong, we love it here, and we're not going to leave, not ever -- but if we were, like, going to leave, then we'd pick the month of February to go away. It's not because we don't like winter. Heck, we love winter. Look at what we said about the "Best Month to Be in St. Louis"! But after a fantabulous month like January, what with all the crisp air and the seeing our breath and the hope -- the hope, for crying out loud! -- well, after all that fine January feeling we sometimes want a little break. So make it February. And while we're at it, make it St. Croix. Not that we've ever been to St. Croix. But it sounds good. At least we think it sounds good -- we really never figured out how to pronounce "St. Croix." (Must be all this time we've spent in St. Louis.) But we're pretty sure it sounds good -- almost like a sister city to St. Louis. And we've seen pictures of the place, so we're pretty sure it would make for a fine February respite. But like we said, we're not going there, not physically. It's just a St.-Croix-of-the-mind sort of dealie. In the real world, we're still here, putting out this paper, every week. Every single week, never a week off.
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