Best Month to be in St. Louis


Dogwoods bloom. The sun shines. Strolling downtown, you think you hear the swinging sound of Count Basie's orchestra. It's April in — wait — this is St. Louis. Any minute an ominous black cloud might move across the sky like a lid across the top of a well. Flowers that have emerged, improbably, from a cold, saturated earth will probably lose their petals to a furious wind. That sound you hear could just as easily be a tornado siren. (In fact, National Weather Service data indicates that April is a close second to the month of May in the number of tornadoes on record since 1971.) Yes, we're known for our changeable weather year-round, but this month it's roulette. You might have to take a coat to Busch Stadium for the Cardinals opener. The day of the Go! St. Louis Marathon might be so hot, you'll be treated for dehydration. Hunting Easter eggs, you might find a ball of hail. April in St. Louis may or might not be dandy, but it will most certainly be memorable.

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