Best Month to Be in St. Louis


Carping about the "bitter" St. Louis winter is the city's second-favorite weather-related pastime (right after bitching about the brutal St. Louis summer). But you know what? Winter in St. Louis is beautiful, and January is the best time of year to be here. The air is cold enough that you can see your breath, which is usually sufficient to keep the crybabies indoors. Add a little snow, which is not uncommon in January, and the streets become emptier still. With the promise of another year stretching out before you and the joy of another Christmas still warm in your soul, the trees bent slightly under their snowy burden and the crisp air filling your lungs, St. Louis in January is a city of hope. A brisk walk through this St. Louis revitalizes your spirit and nourishes your basic human kindness. Even the prospect of another summer in St. Louis doesn't seem so bad when you're enveloped in January's tender embrace.
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