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There are many ways to make a mojito -- some cheapskates use rail rum, some idiots use dark rum instead of light, some heretics even (gasp!) employ crme de menthe instead of fresh mint leaves, or sour mix instead of fresh limes -- but only one right way: Start by muddling mint leaves, a few sections' worth of lime and a dash or two of simple syrup in the bottom of a highball glass. Add ice and a shot of good light rum. Shake. Top with club soda. Not only does Mirasol mix up the best mojito in town, this pan-Latin restaurant practically introduced St. Louisans to this signature drink of Cuba when it opened a couple of years ago. Now folks flock here for it, as well as the Coco Mojito (a neat twist that employs Bacardi Coco and fresh coconut purée) and the off-menu lemongrass mojito. A well-crafted mojito is truly a thing of beauty -- not to mention a fabulous way to cut through the St. Louis humidity. In this way, Mirasol serves as both artist and savior.
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