Best Minimalist Chandelier

I Fratellini Caffe and Rosticceria

When you think "chandelier," the first mind-image is probably of a fancy one made of cut crystal. But sometimes, of course, the simpler the better. Check out the lights designed by artists, such as the beauties dangling above tables at SqWires, Lafayette Square's newest hangout, housed in an old wire company. No one, though, beats the chandeliers at I Fratellini, Zoë Robinson's restaurant on the outskirts of downtown Clayton. Imagine 50 strands of light cords, each ending in a bare bulb blossoming like a flower. Then grab the cords at the top, bunch 'em up and tie 'em, and let the bare bulbs glow like an electric bouquet. Fratellini has one above the bar and another over the tables. The owner bought the chandeliers, which use European light bulbs, from Centro in the Central West End.
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