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Putting Edge

It wouldn't surprise us at all if Putting Edge was founded during a drug-fueled golf binge between bored, wealthy yuppies. Tucked inside the St. Louis Mills Outlet Mall, this eighteen-hole course will challenge your putting game while totally tripping out your balls with sprawling, floor-to-ceiling murals of aquatic life (as well as knights and dragons for some reason). Artistic consistency aside, the glow-in-the-dark illustrations will distract unfocused and/or actively hallucinating players. Though the indoor course lacks the multi-tiered, sculpture-heavy gimmicks of outdoor mini-golf destinations, Putting Edge's carefully designed obstacle course encourages a billiards-style affinity for bank shots. Even without 'shrooms, Putting Edge makes for an affordable golf outing the whole family can enjoy. And if you do drop some acid before tee time, make you sure you — whoa, wait a sec. Did that orange fish on the wall just, like, look at us? It totally looked at us. Like, double whoa, you guys.

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