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Tower Tee

In the quest for continual self-improvement, certain members of the Riverfront Times softball team make regular treks to the slow-pitch, high-arc batting cages at Tower Tee, the Affton-based funplex dedicated to baseball, softball and golf. But on occasion, we've also been known to work on our short game — emphasis on "short." The miniature golf course at Tower Tee may not have the most serpentine designs or the flashiest attractions, but it demands a geometrical precision and an ability to think (literally) around corners. And like all great mini golf courses, Tower Tee does have its fair share of faded, oversized attractions: You can putt through the limbs of a sleepy-eyed gorilla on one hole and experience the odd pairing of the Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty on another. It's these kinds of beautiful incongruities that make miniature golf at Tower Tee such a nice little slice of Americana.

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