Best Milkshake

Crown Candy Kitchen

The milkshake has seen a renaissance of sorts over the past several years, making this particular honor much trickier to bestow than ever before. Fountain on Locust turns out a trayload of magnificent frozen concoctions. Pi Pizzeria, our 2011 winner in this category, pulls out all the stops, creating gloriously gluttonous, vaguely absurdist treats that leave one calculating calories for days afterward. The shakes at Fitz's take a back seat to the root beer float (duh), but they are more than good enough to stand on their own. But you know, there's something about a milkshake that's just...different. It's more than just a beverage, or a dessert, even. A great shake is, well, classic. It's a piece of Americana poured for your enjoyment, a simulacrum of a Pleasantville time and place blended up in a frosted metal cup. And that's what you get at Crown Candy Kitchen. It isn't just a milkshake; it's the place itself. Nothing does retro quite like an original. Oh, and if you can drink five in half an hour, they're all free. You may slip into a diabetic coma immediately afterward, but we guarantee you'll go with a smile on your face.

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