Best Milkshake

Crown Candy Kitchen

A milkshake at Crown Candy Kitchen is so mighty, it determines the course of the rest of your day: which movie you go see later (better make it the frenetic, fast-paced action pic), what you have for dinner (water is a wise choice) and whether you take an afternoon nap (duh). Built on a foundation of Crown's house-made ice cream -- which boasts a fourteen percent butterfat content, about four points above average -- the milkshakes are served the old-fashioned way, in curvy soda-fountain glasses with the remainder of your mammoth 24-ounce order still chilling in the silver mixing chalice. Flavors are relatively few and traditional -- pineapple and marshmallow are about as wacky as they get -- but for real taste-bud phantasmagoria, the chocolate banana malted whips an entire banana into the fray. You'll take care of your calcium, potassium and calorie requirements for the next month.
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