Best Mile of St. Louis

The Macklind Avenue Mile

Color runs have lost their luster, and zombie runs are better off dead. Marathoners can be kind of annoying, and those half-marathoners with their half-marathon stickers ("13.1 — We're only HALF CRAZY LOL!!!") aren't much better. But south city's Macklind Mile? Now you're talking. This one-mile summertime race starts at the YMCA on Macklind and Sublette avenues — elevation, 560 feet — and heads down Macklind and across Chippewa Street, ending precisely 5,280 feet later in Southampton's business district. It has only grown in popularity since its inception in 2008, and according to race director Jeffrey Promnitz of Big River Running, June's turnout amounted to some 1,463 participants — from stroller-pushing parents to elite runners to kids and couch potatoes. This year's Macklind Mile ended with a street party complete with PBR (or smoothies from Smoothie King) at the finish line, food, music and bounce houses for the kiddos. And you bet your Nikes we bought a "Macklind Mile 1.0" sticker...and that we slapped it on our bumper with pride that only comes from a runner's high.

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