Best Mile of St. Louis

Delmar Boulevard from Trinity Avenue to Des Peres Avenue

It's been named one of the nation's ten greatest streets by the American Planning Association. It's home to the St. Louis Walk of Fame and countless iconic institutions, including Vintage Vinyl, Fitz's Bottling Company, Cicero's, Blueberry Hill, the Pageant and, ahem, Riverfront Times. It's the Delmar Loop, and the hits just keep on coming. Construction is chugging along now on an $80 million development at the corner of Delmar Boulevard and Eastgate Avenue that will bring a grocery store, student housing and an all-night diner to the Loop next year — just in time for the scheduled debut of a trolley that will connect Delmar to Forest Park. And with the addition of a roundabout this year at Delmar and Trinity, it has never been easier to loop the Loop.

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