Best Mile of St. Louis

Magnolia Avenue from Kingshighway
to Grand Boulevard

It's no secret that the Missouri Botanical Garden and Tower Grove Park are two of this city's many jewels. One is manicured and well-ordered; the other is wilder and slightly overgrown. A drive (or walk, or bike ride) heading east on Magnolia Avenue from Kingshighway to Grand Boulevard provides a glimpse of both nature preserves. The Garden, to the north, offers a peek at the lake and some covering foliage. Tower Grove Park is your companion to the south for the entire stretch of Magnolia, its ball fields and stone edifices dotting the view along the way. Officially, the mile is over by the time you hit Lawrence (look for the weeping willows in the park), but stay with it all the way to Grand, then either ride around the park to the south side or hang a U-turn and see it all over again.
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