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St. Louisans likely don't think of Moroccan food when a Middle Eastern cuisine craving hits, but we're willing to bet it's because it simply hasn't been introduced to them yet. Baida opened on South Grand last year, bringing the first ever Moroccan restaurant to the area and forever changing our perception of the Middle East's culinary potential. Baida's m'lwee and bastilla take the idea of meat pies to an entirely new level, encasing succulent fillings in flaky pastry — the m'lwee is filled with rich, savory garlic kefta, and the bastilla with a sweet, minced almond-chicken topped with caramelized onions and honey glaze. Traditional dishes include flavorful couscous studded with large cuts of tender vegetables as well as slowly braised tajines brimming with warm spices. This particular space on South Grand has seen its fair share of ethnic eateries over the years, but we certainly hope that Baida is here to stay.

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