Best Middle Eastern Restaurant

Central Caf� & Bakery

Central Café & Bakery presents what philosophers term the Pita Paradox (or Pitadox, if they're in the faculty lounge). On the one hand, the freshly baked pita at this Central West End restaurant is so terrific that you'll want to time your visit to its emergence from the oven, order hummus and baba gannouj — both of which are served with pita — and gorge yourself. On the other hand, if you gorge yourself on pita, you won't be hungry for Central Café's beef shawarma or chicken kebabs. You certainly won't have room left for the bone-gnawingly good grilled chicken, deeply flavored with garlic and tart sumac. Of course, there is a solution to the Pita Paradox: Have pita bread with hummus and baba gannouj for lunch and then return for a grilled-chicken dinner. Don't tell the philosophers, though. This is the most attention they've gotten in a while.

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