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Malinche Mexican Culinary Experience

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Tucked into an Ellisville strip mall, Malinche Mexican Culinary Experience is a beacon of Mexican food based on the old family recipes of matriarch Doña María Gutiérrez Molina. This intimate restaurant, with an equally small menu, offers a positively breathtaking experience that will take you on a journey through regional Mexican cuisine with dishes like rich mole ozumbeño, a chorizo-topped huarache and a version of a chimichanga called a mestizo norteño that will change your perception of the typical Tex-Mex dish. Having named the restaurant after “La Malinche,” a complex historical figure who is seen as either a traitor or the mother of modern Mexico, owner Angel Jimenez-Gutiérrez has proudly embraced her as a symbol that recognizes both the Spanish and indigenous influences on modern Mexican cuisine. It’s a fitting name for a restaurant that stands as the ultimate representation of Mexican food in the St. Louis area. — Cheryl Baehr

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