Best Mexican Restaurant

Milagro Modern Mexican

It would be very easy for Milagro Modern Mexican to rest on its laurels — and not only because in 2010, its first year of existence, we honored it as "Best Mexican Restaurant." Simply put, there is nothing else quite like Milagro in St. Louis, no bar of contemporary and traditional Mexican fare against which the restaurant can measure itself. Fortunately, brothers Adam and Jason Tilford aren't content to coast on popular and critical success. Jason continues to refine the menu — the lunch menu's chori huevo torta has a cultish following, and deservedly so — while expanding it with seasonal specials (for instance, a quesadilla featuring squash blossoms) and playful riffs on Tex-Mex staples (such as a one-off "chimichanga" special). Most notably, Milgaro introduced Sunday brunch, with chilaquiles, huevos rancheros, Mexican-inspired omelets and more. In the front of the house, Adam Tilford retrofitted the room in order to make the dining areas and the bar more distinct spaces, allowing diners and drinkers alike a cozier, more pleasant experience. The only downside to Milagro's continued evolution? This time next year, we'll expect them to have raised the bar even higher.

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