Best Mexican Restaurant

Milagro Modern Mexican

At first glance you might not recognize just how different the menu at Milagro Modern Mexican is from St. Louis' many Mexican restaurants. The dishes are familiar: tostadas, enchiladas, quesadillas. Blame the complimentary chips and salsa for luring you into a false sense of security. Look more closely. The tostadas are topped with duck and a tart, searingly spicy blood-orange-habanero salsa, while the enchiladas feature seafood, duck and tomatillos rather than chicken and "red" sauce. The quesadillas tradicionales will introduce you to huitlacoche, a beguiling mushroom-like food that not for nothing is sometimes called the "Mexican truffle." Want to venture even further from the tried and true? Lamb barbacoa, chicken in a rich, complex mole and salmon grilled in a banana leaf are entrée standouts. Milagro might not meet the Church's criteria for a miracle, but brothers Adam and Jason Tilford have given St. Louis something new and delicious. Sometimes that's miracle enough.

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