Best Mexican Restaurant

Pueblo Nuevo

Goat is the new hip meat among the food cognoscenti. Color Pueblo Nuevo unimpressed. This modest Mexican joint in Hazelwood has been serving the tasty goat stew known as birria for years. Then again, birria is easy to overlook on a menu overflowing with sure-bet selections, from everyday favorites such as burritos and enchiladas to stuff you don't see in many area restaurants, such as the tortilla-chip, cheese and chicken casserole chilaquiles, or dishes made with nopales (a type of cactus). Those fiending for spicy Mexican food look no further: The salsa verde has one heckuva kick, and the tart, smoky red salsa served in squeeze bottles on each table doesn't pull any punches, either. By the way, that red salsa is available to go. Bring it to the next frou-frou place that makes a big deal out of its goat — just in case, you know, it isn't adventurous enough.

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