Best Mexican Restaurant

Taqueria los Tarascos

What's the easiest way to find great Mexican food in St. Louis? Well, first thing you do is head for the airport. That's not a punch line. Woodson Terrace, the small municipality located immediately south of Lambert Field — seriously: the runways are a brisk walk to the north — is home to the fantastic Taqueria los Tarascos. Don't let the name fool you. This isn't a roadside shack but a full-size restaurant, serving both traditional taqueria fare like tacos and tortas (including the ahogada torta, pork leg meat in an addictively spicy árbol chile sauce) and heartier meals like mole poblano. The standout dishes might be the fork-tender lamb barbacoa (available only on weekends) and the spicy and wonderfully tart and cheesy tortilla soup. Bring a quart of it on your next flight down Mexico way, and the locals might wonder where they can find such great Mexican food.

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