Best Mexican Restaurant

Señor Pique

So you want to eat at an authentic Mexican restaurant. Your friends would like a place that caters to American taste. You can waste time arguing among yourselves, or you can head to Señor Pique, which is a great Mexican restaurant and a great "Mexican" restaurant. An "M" next to a dish on the menu denotes an authentic dish: tacos al pastor, cochinita pibil (achiote-marinated pork in banana leaves) and molcajete (pork, beef and chicken served with onions and queso fresco in a mortar, from which it gets its name). Of course, just because something is an authentic Mexican recipe doesn't make it delicious. Thankfully, Señor Pique backs up its claim — "It's all about being made by Mexicans" — with dishes full of flavor. Fajitas, burritos and other American-influenced dishes are great, too. Not sure when a dish stops being Mexican and starts being Tex-Mex or American "Mex"? Order the quesadillas mexicanas, then compare them to the quesadillas gringas. Yes they're really called quesadillas gringas. Trust us: They're laughing with you, not at you.
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