Best Mexican Restaurant

Casa Lupita

At first glance, St. Louis might not seem like a repository of topnotch Mexican fare. But look again, and here's what you'll find: Cherokee Street. This strip, just west of Jefferson Avenue, is stuffed like a piata with Mexican businesses, including restaurants—and Casa Lupita leads the pack. Keep in mind, this ain't no Tex-Mex, and it ain't no Taco Flaco. Unsure what we mean by that? Try a mulita—envision a taco served in the form of a sandwich—or a huarache—an open-face delicacy featuring a corn tortilla base that's infused with refried beans and topped with meat and taco-friendly condiments—or a ceviche tostada. If Cherokee Street is an overlooked culinary treasure chest, then Casa Lupita is the brightest diamond that glitters within.
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