Best Mexican Market

Durango Grocery

Looking for tuttifrutti Jarritos, buñuelos mix, the perfect quinceañera dress or a pound of menudo? How about right next door to "Best Taqueria" alum (2010) Taqueria Durango. The two establishments are all that remain in a forlorn strip mall just off Page Avenue in Overland. But you wouldn't know it once you're inside the neighborhood store, where Angelica Lopez, who, along with her parents and sister, owns the place, greets customers by name and often knows who in Mexico they're calling from the shop's phone bank. A meat counter offers all the expected cuts (and parts), and you can also pick up Mexican cuisine-friendly produce, cheese and, oh, yes, beans, beans and more beans, and enough dried chiles to keep your party sweating. Speaking of parties, Durango's tequila selection is something to behold, in particular the Scorpion mescal, which substitutes — you guessed it — an auténtico pickled scorpion for the traditional agave larva. Eat that, gringo!

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