Best Mexican Market

Carniceria Latino Americana

When you walk in, head to the right and break left before you get to the shelves full of cleaning products (all of which have the same color and design as the Mr. Clean you know, but a completely different brand name). You'll find a whole wall of saints candles. Included in the venerable wall are both Santa Muerte and Jesus Valverde, and you won't find them at Catholic Supply. This little detour solidifies what we know about Carniceria Latino Americana: it's a corner shop on Cherokee Street (just a block down from Apop Records) that's firmly grounded in Mexican culture. Heck, the sign even says "Mexico Viva Aquí." It's a cornerstone in a neighborhood exploding with taquerias, a stretch of Cherokee steadily pushing for a renaissance. Let's not forget that it's a carniceria (butcher shop); there's carne aplenty, and groceries to boot. Marketwise you can get everything here, including phone cards. It's a Mexican market. Just, you know, not in Mexico.

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