Best Mexican Deli

La Tropicana Market

Conscientious readers are strongly encouraged to adjust their lifestyles, for which read "spending habits," to better position La Tropicana in their lives. What would you need that's unavailable here? The mercado side of the store offers up everything from Yerba Mate Soda to the Spanish-language edition of Motor Trend to Congo Mystic Herb Oil Candles. And while we're on the subject of goods, canned and dry, we're not. We're on the subject of ripe plantains, stuffed yucca, cactus salad and roasted Cuban-style chicken, all available at reasonable rates in La Tropicana's deli, alongside the best cheese enchiladas in St. Louis. All this and a rum selection so superfine it'll make you forget there was ever a Bush/Cheney sign in the window.
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