Best Metro Evening Whirl Lead

June 14, 2005

The Metro Evening Whirl popped briefly back on the national radar this year with the passing of founder Benjamin Thomas, who died in Los Angeles at age 94. But even without Thomas, who retired in 1996, the Whirl has soldiered on under the watch of editor Anthony Sanders, generating more buzz in the black community than the St. Louis American could ever hope to. Although the stories sometimes appear to be cribbed directly from the pages of the Post-Dispatch, and we have no idea how they avoid libel lawsuits, the Whirl is a must-read for its prose alone. You've gotta love "A former city firefighter who gets turned on at the sight of young teen boys has been found guilty of child molestation and sodomy" and "Aubert was blazed up by a crazy ass hood last Tuesday morning, leaving one man dead," but our favorite lead is this June 14 gem: "Shifty crooks, gang bangers and even a crackhead took to the city streets June 3 and 4, burnin' rubber, smokin' weed and bucking folks down."
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