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Cosmic Journey

Those attempting to escape the cold reality of the world for a moment are advised to make a beeline for Cosmic Journey. The Journey's warm ambience begins to work its magic on your agitated self at the moment of entry, in part because the store's designed from the feng shui perspective; everything's placed in the room just so, and the result is some pretty high-impact spiritual vibes. This, of course, affects your mood, personality, tension level and state of mind. It's pretty remarkable, actually, because when you think feng shui, you think sparse, and Cosmic Journey's packed with essentials of stress reduction: candles (for serenity, health, mate-seekers, prosperity), books (find your guardian angel, locate your inner child) and crystals (nothing like owning a piece of the rock for peace of mind). Owner Serud even performs tarot readings for those interested in the depths of their present and future situations. The store exudes nurturing and caring, which we all need when we feel as if we're ready to leap from the Poplar into the Big Muddy.

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