Best Metal Band

Head On Collision

Many say metal is a genre that just didn't age well (or at worst, devolved into a sad sack of feelings and tears blanketed over chugging hardcore riffs). Head On Collision is our city's best argument to the contrary. Combining the right amount of raging adolescent terror, hard liquor and devotion to bands such as Kreator and Slayer, Head On Collision — torchbearers for poser-beating metalheads — should be the first stop when looking into St. Louis' metal scene. The band's sound pays homage to '80s thrash without totally aping the sound, a testament to its members' knowledge of the old school. With the eleven-song Ritual Sacrifice receiving positive reviews from around the blogosphere since its release back in May 2008, we await the Collision's next full-length, which is in the works now.

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