Best Metal Band

Head On Collision

Though it's only been around a short while, Head On Collision is the kind of band audiences remember. Far from existing as one of those ho-hum sludgy Creepy Crawl favorites, the band is tight and interesting. Soon after forming, HOC caught the attention of Beer City Records, a hard-core punk-rock label out of Milwaukee. If that's not impressive enough, consider that the cover art for their new album, Ritual Sacrifice, due out in early 2008, was done by Joe Petagno — the same guy who designs Motrhead covers. None of this attention has gone to the heads of band members Pat McCauley (guitar, vocals), John Hancock (lead guitar), Jason Brooks (drums) and Dave Carr (bass). These dudes hold tightly to their punk-rock ethics. And the sound? Let's just say that as babies they must've drunk Megadeth milk and learned to walk while holding Slayer's hand. Give 'em a chance and they'll thrash your face off.
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