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G &W Bavarian Style Sausage Company

Famous for its delectable brats and free cans of Busch beer, G&W Bavarian Style Sausage Company clearly has cornered the local market on Bavarian foodstuffs — curry ketchup anyone? — but the breadth and depth of protein-laden delights is what makes this old-school meat counter the best in St. Louis. The shop, tucked between a couple of car dealerships off of South Kingshighway, offers a veritable alphabet soup of meat: a dozen or so flavored sausages and brats are accompanied by cold cuts such as bologna, bier salami, tyroler, schinkenwurst, gelbwurst, mortadella, yachtwurst, summer sausage, beef jerky and the ever-popular landjager beef sticks. That covers the eclectic meats, but don't let this specialty shop fool you: G&W also features more traditional butcher's fare such as thick-cut strip and rib-eye steaks, and fresh ground chuck. Perhaps best of all is the bacon; freshly cut to your desired thickness, it's the kind of meat your grandma's cast-iron pan was made for. Just be sure to ask for a punch card: Five $25 purchases will net you $10 of free meat. You sure can't beat that.

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