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Miller's Meat Market

Before we proceed with this citation, a moment of silence, please, for the Garden Spot Market, which closed at the end of August. The Garden Spot sold dry-aged beef, processed at its own plant in Salem, Illinois. It was delicious. Now, if you want meat that fresh, you're going to have to travel for it. An hour to the southeast, to Red Bud, Illinois, to be precise, to Miller's Meat Market, which has been selling "home-killed meat" since 1958. If you stand in Miller's parking lot, you can see live animals gamboling in the open fields. If you go inside, you can see those animals' friends in a slightly different aspect, sitting in the meat case. Miller's will butcher your own kills, too. Object to the brutality of nature if you will, but isn't it a relief to see where your food comes from and know that it's not an enormous processing plant?

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