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LeGrand's St. Louis Hills Tom Boy Market

A homey little market housed in the shell of an old Tom Boy (remember them?) just off Chippewa in St. Louis Hills, LeGrand's strikes the first-time visitor as amazingly wholesome. Owner Joe LeGrand seems the kind of guy who says "okely-dokely-doo" without a hint of sarcasm. All the basics are available here, but we're here for the meat, which announces itself to the olfactory sense as soon as the bell jingles when you open the door. Service is quick, and typically only held up by a fellow patron's (or, let's face it, our own) indecisiveness. Will it be the tender pork chops or the juicy-beyond-belief bacon-wrapped turkey fillets? Long-time customers have been known to walk away with samples of especially choice cuts. (When's the last time that happened to you at Schnucks?) For those who are wary of meat that's factory-farm raised, LeGrand's offers hormone-free Angus beef and organic free-range chicken. Tack on the fact that LeGrand likes to get the smoker going in the parking lot—translation: cooked delicacies are always available—and you're well on your way to enumerating LeGrand's motto, "22 reasons not to be a vegetarian."
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