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Have you ever eaten a great steak at a steakhouse and vowed to re-create that baby on your backyard grill? If you're like most folks, the vastly inferior version you end up with began with a slab of beef purchased at your neighborhood behemoth grocery store, enshrouded in plastic wrap in a Styrofoam tray equipped with one of those absorbent thingies that's completely soaked through with whatever it is those thingies get soaked through with. The difference between those steaks and Straub's steaks is that Straub's are always, without fail, cut from USDA prime beef. What that means to you, grillmeister, is more tenderness and a better meal from your Charmglow (assuming you don't char that poor sucker beyond recognition). What's more, the butchers at Straub's are always there to cut your steak to order, and they know their business. Have a recipe that calls for a certain cut you've never heard of? Itching to know the difference between flank steak and London broil? New York strip and Kansas City strip? Been pondering for far too long the precise definition of a Delmonico steak? These guys know. Straub's is also the only local grocer that carries the incomparable Nueske's bacon from Minnesota -- but that's another story.
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