Best Mayor

Linda Goldstein

Early this year the mayors of five municipalities (Clayton, University City, Olivette, Creve Coeur and Overland) joined together to ask that the St. Louis County Council pass a smoking ban. And while the county council debated the matter ad nauseam and eventually punted the issue — asking voters to decide the matter — one of those municipal mayors decided the matter was too important to wait. Linda Goldstein endorsed a comprehensive smoking ban for Clayton and used her influence to get it approved in just a few short weeks. "If we pass this ordinance, Clayton will serve as an example to other municipalities and will give them encouragement to pass similar legislation," said Goldstein shortly before passage of the bill. Turns out she was right. At press time, not only has the council announced a referendum, but Kirkwood, Wildwood and the City of St. Louis are also considering smoking bans.

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