Best Mayor

Rich Sauget Jr.

There has never been a mayor of Sauget not named Sauget. From Leo to Paul to little Rich -- whose dad, Big Rich, owns the town's lone French villa amid a slew of single-story ramblers and trailer homes -- Sauget is as close to a modern-day fiefdom as they come. This would be a bad thing if the Sauget dynasty abused its power, but by all accounts, they use it almost exclusively for the greater good of the townsfolk (the exception being when Uncle Paul rang up a few grand worth of lingerie on his municipal credit card -- which didn't much bother Saugetians anyhow). Sauget's minor-league baseball stadium is a palace, while a busy little airport and abundant industry -- new and old -- surrounds a residential quadrant ripped straight from Mayberry. So robust is the tax base that Saugetians get free cable, courtesy of Village Hall. Red tape? Ha! How else to explain GMC Stadium's ability to seamlessly welcome Bob Dylan and Willie Nelson to town this past July? And did we mention Sauget's westernmost tip features an off-track betting parlor (Route 3 OTB), a bar with no last call (Pop's) and a pair of really cool nightclubs that just happen to feature nude women sliding down chrome poles (PT's and the Penthouse Club)? All little Rich has to do is stay out of this well-oiled municipal juggernaut's way -- a task he sublimely accomplishes, day after day.
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