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Café Eau

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Don't be fooled by the bartenders' and servers' new uniforms — apparently purchased at a Carnival Cruise yard sale — or the downsized cocktail menu. The martinis at the venerable Café Eau, the main bar at the Chase Park Plaza Hotel, are consistently satisfying, from the prodigal pours to the crunchy olives to the precisely chilled glasses to the way the just-right essence of vermouth clings to the rim. This is a bar that knows mixology transcends trends — even as no bar in St. Louis has as many settings in which to savor your favorite medicine. Order a "Blueberry Smash" out on Café Eau's poolside patio in the summer, get a gibson with your old man at the ample bar inside, or knock back a half-dozen juicy French martinis when an '80s cover band takes the stage on the weekend. You'll never have to wait long or spend hard to get just the right sipping (or slugging) remedy. 212 Kingshighway Boulevard, St. Louis, 63108. 314-633-3000,
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