Best Martini

Cielo Bar

Whether you're seated inside at the swanky modern bar or lounging outside near the fireplace under the stars, Cielo Bar, located on the eighth floor of the Four Seasons Hotel, is so stunning it will take your breath away. Once you've gotten it back, best order a dirty martini, stat. They make them strong here, with three giant olives if you're into that sort of thing. (Cielo's signature "Dirty Diamond" martini comes with vodka, but purists know that a real martini is made with gin — and Cielo is always happy to oblige.) Take a few sips as you stare out over the city skyline. Smile at the beautiful people milling around you. You can even pinch yourself if you have to: Yes, you're still in the Midwest. It's only on nights like this that you'd swear it was LA.

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