Best Martini

The Famous Bar

With all due respect to the mangotinis, appletinis, guavatinis, melontinis and white-chocolate-double-truffle-cherrytinis out there, when it comes to the art of the martini, less is more. All the fancy ingredient lists and oddly colored gourmet liquors have failed to improve upon the classic martini. They all have their charms, but they all leave you feeling a little let down. That's because dammit, they're not martinis. A martini requires only a short list of simple, quality ingredients and a bartender who knows his stuff. And in St. Louis, no drink better sums up all that the martini can be than the perfectly prepared Bombay Sapphire gin martini at the Famous Bar. Two ingredients and one garnish — and if you don't know what those three items are, you have no business ordering a martini.

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