Best Martini

The Famous Bar

Ah, the martini. The name alone conjures up an air of old-fashioned sophistication, a stylish civility that ignores fashion. The only problem with such an elegant, effortless drink is the fact that a good one is just so damned hard to find. Thus, in the spirit of improving your life the best way we know how (i.e., with booze), we direct you to the Famous Bar. Long known as the Famous Martini Bar, this small piece of Eden has carved out a niche as a south-city landmark. We could sing the praises of the antique wooden bar, or linger on the smoky ambiance that seems almost too good to be true, or take note of the well-coiffed crowd that packs the joint on a nightly basis. But let's just have a drink, shall we? The Famous Bar features an impressive array of delights served in conical glasses by staffers who wear ties and know what they're doing. You've got your White Chocolate 'Tini, your Pomegranate Martini, your blue ones, green ones and every shade in between ones. But the greatest of them all remains the original. The classic, the king. The gin martini. In this case, the Bombay Sapphire gin martini. Only two ingredients and a garnish, and it's everything you could ever ask for. The Famous Bar's martini is a triumph of simplicity, a paean to balance, a soliloquy on all that should be and nothing more. You know what? All this extolling has made us thirsty. Before we utter another adjective, we need a drink. Guess what we'll be having.

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