Best Martini

The Chocolate Bar Signature Martini

Is it possible to have sex in a glass? Not for us: Our neck's too thick, our arms entirely too long (that sound you hear is our mood ring scraping the floor) -- plus, all that parking-lot tai chi notwithstanding, we just ain't limber enough. Baileys' Chocolate Bar's Signature Martini provides a close approximation, though. At ten bucks a go, it's not for the budget-strapped, but it's worth the splurge. This is one hell of a libation, served up in a knockout Lafayette Square space that'll convince you that at its best -- as exemplified by a place like BCB -- St. Louis really is sophisticated. The chocosseurs at Baileys' melt dark chocolate into Goldenbarr chocolate vodka for a two-fisted BANG! of alcoholic heat and deep cocoalicious richness. Good luck stopping after just one.
Readers' Choice: Pin-Up Bowl
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