Best Martini

Nik's Wine Bar & Hookah Lounge

This neighborhood joint draws an eclectic crowd from all over the St. Louis area because of many offerings, but the martinis are the best. Nik's, which will celebrate its five-year anniversary in December, features a smashing assortment of 37 house martinis, from the Classic Martini to the Purple Haze, a combination of Stoli, Blue Curacao and cranberry juice. There's also the gentle Hazelnut-Orange Kiss martini featuring Frangelico, vanilla-flavored vodka, a splash of Godiva liqueur and a bit of Cointreau. Bar owner Nikyha Vauters, known to her regulars as Nik, also offers a full bar and can probably mix up just about anything not on the martini menu. The bar is in the process of expanding and will soon open its Hookah Lounge addition to showcase a variety of musical talent, including Hot House Sessions, which kicks out Afro/house/jazz/fusion. A true classic.
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