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Frozen To-Go Margaritas at Taco Buddha

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Perhaps it’s overkill to roll up to your friends’ socially distanced front-yard porch gathering with two gallon-sized pitchers of Taco Buddha’s frozen margaritas and a quadruple order of Hatch green chile queso. But hell, we all need to drown our sorrows for this crapshow of a year, and there’s no better way to do that than by chugging what basically amounts to a tequila slushie. Since the county started allowing restaurants to do to-go cocktails (praise be!), Taco Buddha has been churning out these glorious, lime-kissed beauties like they are going out of style, and it’s no wonder why people have been clamoring for them. Well balanced, refreshing and the perfect smooth texture, these frozen margs have a top-shelf feel to them, when bottom of the rail would do. Thanks to them for giving us a bit of delicious, frozen-drink dignity. — Cheryl Baehr

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