Best Margarita

Las Palmas

The margarita scene is divided between a few upscale takes on the classic Mexican cocktail — and a whole lot of sour-mix-dominated crap on the other. No offense to the upscale versions, but when we drag our ass out of the office after a long week's work and belly up to the bar for some chips, salsa and queso, we don't want to think too hard. We just want a really good margarita: tequila, Cointreau and lime juice. Las Palmas fits the bill. The top-shelf margarita — the aforementioned Cointreau and lime juice with 1800 Silver tequila — is served in a damn goblet. Not only do you get a good tequila for your seven bucks and change, but you get enough of it to drown out not only memories of the long-ass week that's just ended, but also of all the bad margaritas you drank in vain in weeks past.

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