Best Margarita

Las Palmas Mexican Restaurant

The word "margarita" is thrown around far too liberally. In its true form, the margarita is one of the best drinks out there: both refreshing and warming, both easy-drinking and sophisticated. But all too often, the appellation is attached to the Mountain Dew-hued travesties that appear at just about every subpar Tex-Mex joint north of Nuevo Laredo. Las Palmas, an outstandingly authentic Mexican restaurant in Woodson Terrace, serves margaritas that put most others to shame. You won't find any premade margarita mix here. Instead, the drinks are prepared fresh, using your choice of Las Palmas' premium tequilas (there are more than 50 available, including Del Dueño and the ever-popular Patrón). The fresh lime juice used here is light-years better than sour mix (and by removing that chemical-y abomination from the equation, Las Palmas' bartenders really allow the warming tequila to be the dominant note). When the margarita craving strikes, you might not think immediately think of heading north toward the airport, to a friendly Mexican restaurant in a nondescript strip mall – but really, you should.

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