Best Margarita

Tejas Grill & Cantina

A bad margarita is a crime against nature, a spit in God's eye. Millions of years of evolutionary good fortune/intelligent design and human ingenuity have conspired to create this perfect cocktail, this potion, this margarita. The lime pushed through earth, trunk, branch and bud to get here; the tequila arrived via the juice of blue agave plant and the process of fermentation; the liqueur (take your pick -- pressed, we prefer Cointreau) arrived after centuries of trial and error. How could you sully it with an artificially colored, flavored, fructose-enhanced sin against Mother Nature like sour mix? Tejas in Clayton uses fresh juices, offers many different varieties of margaritas -- some sweet, some simple, some way too busy. But unlike most margarita shillers who offer three boring alternatives, Tejas offers enough variety to satisfy both the tequila connoisseur and Aunt Judy from Phoenix.Salud!<$t$>
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