Best Margarita

Pueblo Solis

They kick your ass, but the process is a delicious one. One of them'll give you 180s, two'll give you 270s, and three'll give you full-on whirlpool bed spins. And you'll love them. Pueblo Solis makes the finest margaritas in town. There are other good ones, yes, but none will consistently kick your ass so wonderfully. First -- and most important in any margarita worth its salt -- is the use of lime juice as the primary sour ingredient. Pity the pourer who relies on sour mix; he knows not margaritas. Which is not to say Pueblo doesn't employ a touch of sour mix in its creations. Explains king margarita maker Steve Marrs: "Without a little sour mix, it's just a martini." Marrs stays away from injecting his margaritas with fancy sipping tequilas (which Pueblo Solis does offer -- not to mention stellar Mexican cuisine), preferring the sturdiness of Sauza. Try the Premium Margarita, made with Sauza Gold, Grand Marnier, fresh-squeezed lime juice and that splash of sour. Or the Green and Horny, which utilizes Midori melon liqueur, resulting in a green 'rita. Now you're talking!
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