Best Margarita

Maya Café

A great wall separates the two subspecies of margarita: powdered sweet-and-sour mix on one side and real juice-based mixers on the other. We, of course, prefer the latter (although, ironically, many very authentic Mexican-owned joints serve the former), because it isn't flammable in powder form. Plus, it tastes better, and mixed with a basic non-ugly tequila (expensive tequila in a margarita is often unnecessary, because the sour subsumes its finer points) and a couple squirts of lime, booze-infused refreshment is only a glug away. The comfortable Maya Café in Maplewood offers with its hearty helpings of Mexican entrées a few different varieties of margarita, and all of them are aces, served big with a fair ratio, a smile and some salt. The Maya's Golden Margarita makes the most sense and tastes fantastic: It features Sauza Hornitos Reposado tequila, a splash of Grand Marnier and sweetened fresh-squeezed lime juice. Drink one and you're golden. Drink two and you're gold-plated; three and you're solid gold.
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