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Malls used to be where people would go to shop, browse and socialize, but now we have the internet to meet all of those needs. Countless American malls have withered and died over the past couple of decades. Yet somehow the Saint Louis Galleria (1155 St. Louis Galleria Street; 314-571-7000) is still poppin’. Other malls are limping along with many empty storefronts and dwindling crowds, but the Galleria still packs ’em in and can even get downright crowded on weekend evenings. In addition to the many retail options offered, this mall also has three very special attractions. They have a classic mall food court so you can grab a bite between swipes of your credit card. They also have a movie theater, so you can be entertained and then pick up a new sweater. But the best part of the Galleria is that they have a fully functioning comedy club. Helium Comedy Club, located at the far north side of the mall, is one of the best places in town to catch a touring comedian or a soon-to-be local legend. The Galleria is the mall with the most. —Jaime Lees
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