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Chesterfield Mall

Whether you've got a ten-spot or a trust fund burning a hole in your pocket, Chesterfield Mall is one of the very best places to go blow it. From discount retailers like H&M to high-end boutiques like Coach, there's something for everyone in this pristine indoor shopping mecca. Little girls (or boys) can run amok at the American Girl store and Toy Tyme, teenagers can saunter from Hollister to Hot Topic, and moms and dads can spruce up the homestead at Williams-Sonoma. Nerds will find sanctuary at Vintage Stock and Slackers, and after all that heavy-duty credit-card swiping, you're certain to be hungry. Grab a quick bite at Auntie Anne's Pretzels or get the full sit-down experience at the palatial Cheesecake Factory. The movie theater here is a massive fourteen-screen AMC — really, were it not for pesky chores like sleeping and working, there'd be no reason to leave.

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